I write for the human heart, with clarity and depth of feeling.

I’m Claire, a freelance writer and yoga teacher committed to revealing truth through words. I write about yoga, spirituality, grief, and trauma. Learn more about me.

Sample Work

​Relaxation in One Yoga Pose: A Step-by-Step Guide

A few summers ago, I suffered from terrible anxiety. To cope, I’d often sit outside under the trees noticing the light pouring through the branches and listening to the sound of my breath mingling with the tune of fluttering leaves. It would bring me tranquility and it was time just for me. I had faith in this practice to restore me, if I gave the trees my full attention.

3 Tips for Improving Verbal Cues For Yoga Teachers

Yoga teachers are essentially communicators. Improving our verbal cues is key to teaching supportive, well-rounded and impactful yoga classes. More often than not, we’re leading a varied group of students with a range of learning styles, knowledge, expectations and emotional states.

Inspiring Students to Breathe Deeply with Ujjāyi Prāṇāyāma

Several years ago, I spent a summer in Ireland. For part of that time I lived alone in a cottage on the west coast of Connemara, right off the Atlantic ocean. Rolling peaks draped over the countryside behind me while the expansive, bare coastline made those rough waters feel even closer than they already were.

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Claire Papell, Writer | RYT-500
Hudson Valley, NY